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Tom, I'll try to describe it to you, but if you feel around back there with your fingers you might be able to visualize how it all kind of "snaps together." I spent about 15 minutes just turning the dials and feeling back there letting my fingertips be my eyes until I had a mental picture.

After you've done that, take the knob off of the center control dial by pulling it toward you. You might want to carefully wedge a tiny flat-head screwdriver in there to pry it off a little bit, but it's not hard to just pull the knob off. DON'T FORCE IT, and DON'T SCRATCH ANYTHING. You don't have to man-handle anything here. It very gently comes apart. Then you can push the little pin that the knob attaches to forward through the hole and it will dangle loose behind the dash.

There are two wire cables connecting to the backside of that assembly (to the "arms" that attach to the dials). You kind of have to turn the dials manually from behind the dash to get them to an angle where the cables kind of slip out of a groove. You don't have to remove the entire assembly (big white plastic thing) just that one dial and what attaches to it. The only little piece that you need to perform surgery on is the "elbow" of the greenish plastic arm. The arm attaches to the assembly at the "shoulder" and the cable attaches at the "wrist".

One thing I can't emphasize enough is that when you drill the hole, go small and be perfectly vertical. Any angle at all can mess you up and you certainly don't want the hole to be too big.

I'm sorry I can't do a better job of describing this to you, but trust me when I say that if I can do it, it must not be very difficult. Just make sure you remember how everything fits back together before you take it apart. In the picture above, they didn't even have to remove the dial like I did. Those arms will just slip off of their connecting pins (at the "shoulder") but I wasn't smart enough to figure that out!

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