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Ok, I took my 04 645 in because while opening my top the rear decklid would not open. The service advisor told me it would cost under $500 to replace the angle rotation sensor. I brought my car in and waited on the repair to be completed. After about 4 hours the service advisor came out and said my top was fixed, but they had to fix the top and bottom sensor and the cost would now be $750. He said my car was ready and asked it I had time for a car wash and I said yes. He told me to come pick up my car at the cashier in 15 minutes. After I walked over to the cashier to pick up my car the service advisor informed me my top started opening and closing on its own and my top open/close switch was flashing. He said that they needed to replace my switch too and it would cost an additional $750. I told them that I was not paying to install another part. He said they wanted to look at the top anyway to try to fix the figure out what the problem was and ordered the switch. I was giving a loaner 2010 335 with the M package nice. When I returned 3 days later to get my car I was told the problem still existed. I told them that I was going out of town and needed my car. The technician disabled my top and it also disabled my rear window and trunk. I told them that I was not paying to enable the top once I returned to ATL. The service advisor gave me a discount of $120 off my bill but, I still was not happy because, my top was not fixed and I was out of $630 bucks. I will take it back to the dealer once I return to ATL and I expect the problem to be fixed because my top was not opening and closing by itself when I brought it in. I will let you know how it goes.
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