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Originally Posted by Boab View Post
Its not fair.

We dont have as many nutters with ideas about modifying a car over here, with say; A full bumper decal of Tony Montana or turning their motor into an Autobot or a rebel alliance chariot. However we do have our cousins across the pond willing to perform such elaborate and misguided madness.

Always makes for a great laugh This thread cheers me up no end.

I suppose our equivelant is the boy racers who take an 850cc Renault Clio and stick a hundred weight of plastic and fibreglass on it to give it the edge at sound-off competitions (lulz).

Oh, and a bazooka for an exhaust. I believe this is what you guys would call "Rice"

You gotta stick around here and be more active

You should also visit here, some of the crazy cars you'd see would make you cry! Some guy I work with, age 30 something, drives an early 90s Neon with full ebay body kit (poor fitting), aluminum wing at least 4 feet wide and 3 feet tall, off center racing stripe, and chrome hubcaps. Its epic.
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