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I havent had any issues with that..yet.

I did have fun with a guy offering to sell my M5 though! He wanted me to drop it off in Chicago, and he'd sell it for 4 grand over what I was asking, and he'd only take 7%. So I reluctantly agreed to make the 4 hour trip to drop it off. I told him I'd drop it off on Friday and he said that'd be great. So Friday comes and goes, the car is still sitting in my driveway. Saturday around noon I get a call from the guy, and this is how it went:

*********: "Hey just wondering if you were planning on dropping the M5 off?"
Me: "What? I dropped it off yesterday, I left the keys with Mike..?"
*********: "Mike? Mike who? At our shop??"
Me: "Yeah, he was wearing a shirt that said Auto Solutions, he said he'd take it into the shop."
*********".....we don't have any employees named Mike...."
Me: "What are you saying?!?! You have my car right?!??"
*********: "I dont know who Mike is, you must have dropped it off at the wrong place!"
Me: "I dropped it off at YOUR dealership! You lost my car!"
*********: "There must be a mistake! There is no Mike here!"
Me: "Im calling the cops, I'll see you in court asshole!"
**Hangs up phone and laughs for about 15 minutes. Most epic moment of my life
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