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Whoa. Wait. I'm stunned that nobody's responded to this yet.

This is fantastic news. Is there anyway you can post a picture to show us non-technical folks how you fixed it? My wife is in the process of getting a 2008 E93 and this will make her decision much easier.

Originally Posted by nosteiner4me View Post
Finally fixed the leak myself after dealer could not help and all he would say is
to lemon the car if we cannot fix the water streaming into the car after 3 repair
fixes. The top roof seal for the driver and passenger door window is the problem.
Its the side that goes into the roof pillar that needs blocked off. We also filled the
v shape seal on top for driver and passenger window with flexible 1/4 inch tubular
foam insert that takes up space and makes for better top window seal. It was a
very easy fix, my car doesn't leak a bit in car wash when before water just streamed
in like a waterfall on both sides. Someone from BMW should be fired over this!!
We loved the car and raised and lowered the roof several times before finding the
problem that anyone can fix if water is coming in at the corners where the top meets
the front window. Good luck with your fix if you need it...
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