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Originally Posted by pug View Post
Ohhhhh boy.

I just got thisyere E36 318i. Had it less than a week,done 270 miles only.
Already noticed the wishbone bushes need changing pdq.
WAS chuffed to bits with it-but having read the zillion things that DO[not MIGHT] go wrong with it,I think I may just p/x it for a Landrover!!!
All the things that might go wrong with it are just that - possibilities.

What this and other forums are doing are compiling a database of "Known" issues and remedies/DIYs to save money & get to know your car a little better.

Taking into account the sheer number of E36s made in a nine year or so period, with so many different versions etc its hardly surprising that there will be problems in cars that are x years old - this is true of all cars.

However, when out driving, I ask you to count on one hand the amount of Ford Sierras/Escort mk4s/Fiesta mk3s Nissan Micra Mk2s etc etc that you see.

Then count the number of E39s/E36s/late E30s even.

I think Ive made my point

These cars were made for people with money when sold as new. Suspension componants/ engine ancillaries are all servicable parts to a quality car. A big service bill is hee-haw to middle management chaps with the readies

Difference is - these guys are now putting their golf clubs in the boot of an E90 - Not the E36.

Just enjoy the fabulous car that it is, look after it and do preventative maintenance to stop massive repair bills.

And for Christ's sake, dont do anything involving a Landrover unless its for serious off road use - the last thing the UK road network needs is people sinking money into a Chelsea Tractor

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