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Ok,that's me well told off for my very first post.
I stand by my words,however-having changed my long trusted E30 [had it 12 years-only fault was distributor breaker would wear out every three months] for an E36,I come to a BMW forum,and the first thing I see is a [long] list of known & in several cases expected,faults! EEK!

Sod it-I'll stick with the old bus, for a while at least.
I have to say-compared to my trusty old E30,this thing REALLY holds the road.
I live out in the wild marshlands,so the roads are flat,often empty,and very winding.
By the Mighty Cringe,this old jalopy sticks like sh*t to a blanket.
Where I say we're going is where we go-to the inch,even in rain or frost.
Damn-near as much fun as my Vmax!!
I DO have a question-can anyone tell me where I can get bulb-holders?
They're the plastic stalk type,which twist into position.
I've tried three dealers,and even ebay,but they appear to be harder to find than footage of Alex Ferguson smiling.
Even breakers have none-so I really could do with any advise,please?

Thanks in advance.

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