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fuel filter replace

Replace the fuel filter for X3 2007
refer to these for more info.

- I use the Laminate installation tool to make the tool to turn the screw cap
- wait until 1/8 tank of gas because of the filter at the bottom of the tank
- move the car outside for adequate ventilation; have fire extinguisher around
- pull up the bench seat at up1 up2 up3
(note the way the seat belt through the bench, the electric wire lay underneath the bench. this helps when putting the bench back)
- remove 4 screws, lift the right cover up a little
- slide back to unlock, then pull up the connector1
- clean the locking plug, screw cap, and the area around
- check if your tool can turn the screw cap (use the wrench on nut1)
- open the glove box, turn the 2 white tab 90degree toward you
- take out the white card; it says fuse #54 for fuel
- look for the 54 printed on the fuse box, remove fuse #54 with the included tool
- start the engine; it won't start, but release the pressure
- mark the screw cap tooth so you know where to close it back
- remove line1, line2; some fuel drop out from line2; that plier helps
- remove the screw cap (turn 360degree then it's out)
- pull up the locking plug
- remove line3, line4, connector2 (squeeze, shake and pull hard)
- put on the new glove, remove line5, line6
- or push the old filter out of the holder, bring it to the top to remove line6
(I didn't use the new glove. The fuel in tank cleans all the dirt on my glove.
The Costco gloves work fine. look at the bavauto pdf, and feel around the holder help
you know how to push out the old filter, and install the new one)
- disconnect the ground wire, take out the old filter
- connect the ground to the new filter
- put the new rubber on line6, connect line6 to the new filter
(the old rubber stays with the old filter)
- install the new filter into the holder
- re-connect line5 to the new filter
- re-connect the connector2, line4, line3
- replace the seal, close the scew cap back to the marked place
- re-connect line1, line2, connector1; 4 screws back; fuse #54 back
- drive to the gas station to fill up the tank 15gal
- drive home, check if any leak around the screw cap
- put the bench back

I have a X3 2007 with navigation. I'd like to share these info.
- 16147186454 fuel filter (include seal, little rubber) $80.45
- 83300493936 Oil Filter Cap Wrench $34
- 83220397114 TRANS OIL DEXRON VI $48/4L; part# is on the oil pan. doesn't ship. I get it from
- 83220397244 The transfer case fluid $42.49/1L
- X3 front, rear diff. fluid = E46 cars fluid = SAF-XO = redline 75w90
- Dealer changed my car oil at 45kmi. My car displayed too much oil. Dealer updated the software to fix the problem in 05/2010
- BMW switch (66210397639) and Pioneer ND-BC4 ( work well together; installed in 07/2010
- transmission leak at 49kmi; Dealer replaced the seal(24507509696) per SIB 242007 in 09/2010

have a good day!
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