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Don't know anyone that has had a reflash by their dealer to is specs. (even with a 335is which produces LESS power). I doubt it would be allowed if it was at all possible.

A lot of owners dont want to modify their ride by increasing boost with a tune so the 35is represents a good option for them as it is significantly faster.

Also I forgot that in several countries supply is deliberately limited to preserve exclusivity if that matters to you (eg: in Australia on 25 per year are imported).

By the way, the exhaust system on the 35is is an entirely different part number. A simple 'golf-tee mod' won't make it sound the same at all - this mod can also be performed on the 35is to further enhance the idle/flap closed sound. The golf-tee mod only makes the exhaust sound louder at part throttle.

If you want the FASTEST non-GT Z4 and don't worry about warranty etc then just buy a standard DCT 35i and a tune (Procede V4 or upcoming JB4), meth, FMIC and some new tires & suspension upgrades.
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