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Check coolant light, coolant is tad low, but "bobber is full up

Since moving to Charlotte, NC., starting getting the first "check coolant level" warnings since buying the car 3 years ago. Removing the cap, I find the "floater" is standing proud of the cap by a good 1.5" and appears to be all the way up, even with cool engine, but coolant is down about a pint.

Some of you have had your level indicators break, etc. There is no doubt the coolant is being lost VERY slowly, but don't understand why the bobber is riding so high still in the radiator- must be broken. Have done the valley pan gasket and cooling system once already. I can't see any coolant on garage floor, but must be leaving the car while driving. Is only way to get a new and proper working indicator to replace the expansion tank?

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