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What makes me think I have lost coolant? The low coolant warning on the dash and the fact that I can't easily see the coolant level by looking in the reservoir. The float is full up sticking 2" above the neck. I push it down and it is free and "bobs" right back to way above the neck. I add coolant and after adding about a pint, the coolant is an inch from top of filler neck-technically too full. If the float is so high, I don't know why I'm getting an alarm in the first place unless the float below the bobber is down telling the system I'm low. I believe by how much I add that I am losing ever so little at a time, but don't know of a "broken float" issue which causes the red tipped float to stay up as high as it will go with real coolant level actually low???

Follow me? I must be losing coolant as about once a month, I get the warning and the system takes about a pint, but every time the flaot is way above the neck-cold or hot. I add coolant until I can see the coolant level and all is fine. Ignoring the float for a minute, the next time I get a check coolant light, I can't see the actual fluid level as where I filled it to last time. It's going somewhere. I fear into the combustion chamber as I am getting a short puff of smoke (white mostly) every morning when I start the car which I never used to. I guess I need to pressure test system. Float is giving me just a false sense of security and means nothing now.

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