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Originally Posted by samsonitep View Post
Maybe one is damaged and sucking up oil??? Maybemy sensor is off but no way it should take a quart of oil at 3.7k... Putting a quart in at every 3.7k is insane!!!!!

Maybe a turbo is plugged clogged... I called the dealer and they did not seem to thrilled about me bringing it in
Clogged turbo? That's not really consistent with how turbos work. A "clogged" turbo would make the engine just not run. The exhaust goes through the turbo, so if it's clogged, it's like stopping up your exhaust pipe. Engines can't run like that.

High oil consumption caused by a turbo would be the result of an oil seal blowing out and allowing lubricating oil to flow into the hot side of the turbo. It would smoke like crazy. Rapid oil consumption that is burned without smoking is very rare, but can be caused by rings.

Your situation is strange indeed. Whatever you do don't allow the dealer to claim you failed to follow the break in procedure. If you bought your BMW off the lot you can always claim you have no knowledge of the way the car was driven on test drives. If you ordered it, you'll just have to stick to your guns. Don't want to pay for that repair.
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