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Originally Posted by bmw325 View Post
Thanks.. what about the actual quality/solidity? For example, here are some things I've noticed on the newer cars (both e90 and 1 series)
-headlight switch feels cheaper and less substantial
-Overhead panel with light and sunroof switches looks and feels cheaper; and easily bends when pressing it
-glovebox door and handle feel less substantial
-Dash plastic looks and feels less rich more just like textured hard plastic
-Steering wheel buttons aren't curved to fit fingers and don't feel as nice to press
-headiner material looks/feels cheaper
-steering wheel height adjuster isn't as smooth or substantial.
-And one thing they share w/ the e46 is the flimsy feeling and creaking rear package shelf and celing mounted brake light cover (atleast on e90 sedan)

Lots of small things but they add up to give an impression of lower quality. I agree that the 1 interior is more e46 like in design, but something about the shape of that decorative strip that runs above the radio and glovebox just looks wrong..and the way it stops short of the passenger air vent bugs me too. I do think the door panel designs are nicer though!

I want to get over all of this because I"m getting quite bored of my old 325i and the only cars that excite me are the 135/335 (Audi the "king of interiors" bore me). So does any of this bug you in reality, and/or am I missing many of the positive aspects of the new 1/3 interiors? I know someone will say "just drive the car and don't worry about the interior"-- I agree to a certian point but when you're spending this much you want the overall experience to feel high quality.
I'm very pleased with the look/fit/finish of my 135i interior (below are some pics). Out of the four BMWs I've owned, I like this one the best. Sure, I can point to areas for improvement, but that will probably always be the case. For example, it would have been nice to make use of the blank panel in the lower center dash area just in front of the DCT selector. Depending on your model and year, some cars have buttons there for heated seats, PDC, and/or convertible top up/down. But, since none of those apply to my car, I would have liked some sort of storage compartment there similar to what the E46 has. Oh well. Can't have everything I guess. To answer your specific items the best I can:

Headlight switch: don't recall what the E46 switch felt like, but I never touch this one. It hasn't left the auto position since I first took delivery. Auto works perfectly for me.

Overhead panel plastic: I do recall the E46 looking nicer up there, but I have no gripes with this one so far. The actual switches for the sunroof and map lights feel the same as I remember.

Glovebox: maybe a bit smaller, and no free flashlight, but build quality feels fine.

Dash plastic: contours were different in the E46, but the actual material look and feel doesn't bother me in the 135i. In fact, I'm quite fond of it.

Steering wheel buttons: sure, the dimpled buttons on the E46 was a nice touch, but the look and feel of this M-Sport wheel is so nice you'll forget all about the shape of the buttons. This wheel, along with the engine and DCT, is what makes this car so much fun.

Headliner: definitely disagree here. The M-Sport package comes with an anthracite headliner which is nicer than anything I ever had previously. It looks and feels great. I can't speak personally about the standard headliner.

Steering wheel adjuster: haven't noticed any problem. Adjusted it once and haven't touched it again since.

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