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Originally Posted by ZeGerman View Post
Do you have plans for painting it?
the hood thingy?? nah, gonna go carbon fiber film on it...

Originally Posted by cmy_bimmer View Post
df I have the SAME faded mirrors crap. Its so annoying
that's what god invented rattle cans for. flat black??

i am gonna drop the bumpers, or at least set them in more flush, un-dent the door, and replace the missing trim.

some new suspension goodies have already been put on by the po, so that was a plus. i will need to freshen up the plugs and run some seafoam through it, clean the usual suspects, but all of the belts and hoses seem to be in order. the shifter handle is broken, so that's also on the 'to-do' list, as is sorting out the sticky buttons (soda spillage ), and repair a hole in the down pipe. think the po ran over something....

paint will be the last thing. this is gonna be a 1st time ride for stepmonster, so i don't want to do too much to it without him putting in some skin and fundage. pretty much the way it sits is the way he will get it for christmas (minus the leaves and debris and afore mentioned items).

i will keep pics as these things happen if y'all would like.

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