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General diagnostic procedure for a single or multi-cylinder E39 intermittent misfire?

As our beloved E39s get older, more misfire threads seem to appear, where "replace this" or "replace that" is thrown out as the solution.

Rather than just throw parts at the problem, let's compile a DIAGNOSTIC procedure for debugging WHICH parts to replace to resolve the misfire.

As is my bent, I'll embarrass myself (in the next post) by creating a framework E39-misfire-diagnostic summary for others to correct. This summary will be based mostly on three of the roughly 150 posts in this intermittent cold-start single-cylinder misfire thread; so the summary needs to be fleshed out to be of general use for:

- Single-cylinder misfire diagnostic procedure (intermittent or constant, cold-start or warm)
- Multi-cylinder misfire diagnostic procedure (intermittent or constant, cold-start or warm)

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