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Originally Posted by mott View Post
hi nigel
right first off dont get drawn in to the old fantasy about emulsified oil on the filler cap .......i work for bmw and i can tell you that 90% of the cars i service show this its quite normal especialy if the car only does very short journeys iv even seen it on a brand new pdi so it proves nothing .. the other thing i can tell you is iv been with bmw now for about 6 years and i can count on 1 hand the number of 6 cylinder engines we have had to take the head off because of the gasket being blown it just doesnt happen that often they seem to be ....well kinda bullet proof lol .
The only problem we get from them seems to be external ::: water pumps thermostats .... sensors ......maby a VANOS but even theese seem to be prity robust
The sauce of the smoke you saw is most likely to be water trapped in the exhaust after being stood idle for a time
Let me know if you think of any other problems you may be aware of ok m8
cheers for now
hey mott. i swapped a 325i 1993 to my 1988 325i, the car started over heating for some reseans. i lowerd the t-stat to 80c changed the water pump, and checked everything. the coolant boil and overflow and the to hose get very stiff when i shut the coolant resivoa. some one told me its the head gaskit, i dont wanna do all the work to change it and then find out the head has a crack. i dont know anyways of telling if its the head gaskit or a crack. i do have some white creamy stuff in my oil cap. i found a product on line calls steelseal or sorda thing but i dont know if i should use that if my head gaskit is bad. i difenetly dasprit for help. i ve spent time and effert on this car
thank you
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