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Originally Posted by CRMESQ View Post
This question can not be answered by looking at the numbers alone. There is also another factor, quality of life. As a business owner who has dedicated years of life to developing, growing, and maintaining a business, I want some rewards. One of those rewards is a new vehicle every three years. With regards to the financial end of it, the lease payments are run through the business so that car costs me less than the actual monthly payment. For me, leasing makes more sense when both the financial and non-financial factors are both taken into consideration.

As to the financial crisis, the problem was that home buyers had zero at stake when purchasing their homes. These buyers were given both primary and secondary mortgages covering the entire purchase price without having to put their own money into the deal (usually they had none). Moreover, the buyers did not even have to pay closing costs because they were built into the deal (seller's concession) and they wound up coming out of the financing. In short, people with no money were allowed to buy houses without paying any of their own money. Since creative financing provided them with the money to buy a house they could not afford in the first place, they had no problem walking away when they could not afford the mortgage. Had these same people been required to put down at least 20% of their own money, a healthy environment would have been maintained in which homes could be purchased with the appropriate financing.
Very one-sided point of view here. Had the banks lent their own money, and made their money by lending it, rather than slapping some paper together, getting fees, and dumping the loan, they would have been more careful to whom they lent money.

That you phoney up the lease on your personal car by making the taxpayer pay for your lifestyle, you are simply like some welfare queen sitting around on the governments dime. You are supposed to be paying for your own transportation.

So, leasing makes sense to you because you are having other people pay for your ride.

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