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Originally Posted by richschneid View Post
We'll I'm glad I was wrong about that. At least I can admit when I'm wrong. At least I was wrong about a new law, so please forgive me. Now you still haven't answered my question, you persist in begging the question. I repeat again:

"Well then, who was it who sold all those mortages to people under the premise that the price of houses would never go down? Granted they were not professors of finance, they don't work for banks. So, who in your opinion did it? How many of them had MBAs?"

It's not about how many DIDN'T have MBAs. I asked how many DID have MBAs, or worked for people who had MBAs. Did your mortgage officer work for someone with an MBA? To use your misplaced analogy, almost every person who loses his medical liscense for incompetence is an MD or DO. How many of these private sector companies and banks that have almost bankrupted the country and many of it's citizen's were run, owned, or controlled by people who DID have MBAs? Not even to mention the MBA in charge who ran up FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS in government debt.
Are you a member of a Communist Party? Have you ever been or considered joining a Communist Party? Are you associated with anyone who might've been a member? Have you ever worked for someone who was a member of a communist party?
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