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Backup camera

Originally Posted by DLF750 View Post
Hi all. I am considering purchasing this item from ebay:

Normally I wouldn't do this as I'm a fairly wary person on electronics from ebay but my mechanic bought a unit for his Range Rover from the same seller (presumably this is the same manufacturer for the Rover and BMW units) and installed it himself and it works perfectly.

You may or may not remember but I tried to install the Dension system in my car but it wouldn't work. The plug behind the radio wasn't correct for the Dension and video would not function.

This unit apparently is installed BEHIND everything in the trunk only, no need to remove any pieces or install this in the car behind the head unit/nav screen. It seems easy in theory. You just install this between the nav system and the car connections.

Any thoughts? It looks great on the Rover - had the guidelines, depth markers in numerals and changed colors if you went outside the lines. Not sure if it's infrared, but that might be a camera function, not the module.


Thanks for posting this data on the backup camera. I am very interested in buying one for my 2004 745i. I will wait to see how it works out for you.
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