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Please read entire directions before starting this job. Make sure you disconnect the battery as you will be dealing with the SRS system. Also make sure the window of the door you are working on is rolled up all the way. Level of difficulty is 5. Estimated time is one hour. This DIY is for the driver side front door handle.

Lets get started!
  1. Remove the plastic cover on the front area of the door panel to access the philips screw underneath
  1. Unscrew the philips screw and place it in a safe location.
  1. Remove the square plastic covers to access the torx screws. Be careful with these covers. They are very delicate!
  1. Use a T-25 and socket extention to remove the two torx screws. The screws may not come out, but make sure you unscrew until they turn freely.
  1. Remove the plastic cap on the interior door handle to access the T-20 screw underneath
  1. Remove the T-20 screw and store it in a safe location
  1. Remove the AIRBAG plastic cover to access the T-25 torx screw underneath.
  1. At this point you are ready to remove the door panel. Pull firmly starting at the bottom of the panel. The door is held by plastic fasteners. Using a screwdriver wrapped in cloth you can also pry the panel away from the metal door.
  1. Once the panel is completely free, be careful not to pull too hard. There are still electrical and cable connections to remove. The locking mechanism is also included.
  1. Remove the door latch cable as shown below.
  1. Next remove the white plastic clip connected to the actual door latch.
  1. Gently pull the cable free
  1. Carefully unplug the airbag connector. This may require prying with a screw driver.
  1. Remove the top white eletrical connection for the power window switches,
  1. Place the door panel in the trunk of the car. Trust me, you do not want to damage this item!!
  • Unplug the power supply connector for the door latch (only if you have comfort access)
  1. Remove the door insert by removing 12 fasteners located on the perimeter of the insert. There are 8 white fasteners and 4 grey fasteners.
  1. You will need a 11mm socket and driver to remove these fasteners. All you need is a half of turn and they come right out. Awesome craftsmanship by BMW on this design.
  • Once all have been loosen, pull the insert slighly away from the door to access the door handle. No need to completely remove the insert.
  • With a long flat head screw driver, slide the metal retainer to the right. Be gentle!
  • There is a bend on the retainer designed to prevent it from rattling loose. You must bend this clip straight in order to completely move the retainer to the right and detaching the handle
  • Once you manage to move the clip all the way to the right, the door handle is ready to come out!
  • Pull in an upward motion and carefully remove the handle. No need to apply force.
  • Unplug the LED light connection and door antenna module (Comfort Access only) and remove the handle completely.
  • And there you have it!
  • Here is the replacement part information.

I hope this was helpful. Good Luck!
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