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When my Service Board batteries went out on my E30 and my tach took a poop, obviously I had to change the batteries. Heres a little something though- instead of putting the batteries back into the dash, I took the board to BAtteries PLus (who also had the direct replacement batteries...dont buy the ones off ebay for 30 when you can get em for 10!) and the I had the tech solder me up some wires to AA battery holders. Went over to ACE then, got some springs to fill the length gap. It works awesome, just make sure you tie the batteries down good or they'll go flying if you corner hard. You will have to do a little filing in the little space where the SI board is, and drill 2 little holes to get the wires through, but luckily theres space to do that comfortably. Wrapped the batteries up in electrical tape, wire tied the extra wire, and tucked it away neatly under my dash. Just thought I'd share...I did this all for 30 bucks maybe, and it still beats the one on ebay with the AA holders attatched to the board. Just thought I'd share...
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