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Originally Posted by blackhawk_pilot View Post
My car goes into production next Monday (week 49), and I can't help but wonder if their QC department is tweaking glitches that are being reported on the go, or do they just wait till next year to address these. I'm inclined to think that perhaps 30% of faults reported are due to people reading forums and looking too much into it, sort of an excuse at times to actually find something wrong (no matter how perfect a piece of equipment is, if you look hard enough you'll alway find a glitch).
So, should I expect my car to come my way with most of these glitches fixed from the factory or what?
I think some problems were corrected with September builds. My 535 X drive was one of the first dozen or two made in September for USA shipment and has been a zero defect car after nearly 5,000 miles. It is a non-sport model.
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