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Originally Posted by markl53 View Post
I know there have been a few oil usage threads, but I didn't find any from the last month or so (at least I tried to search!). Anyway, my 535i just hit 2600 miles and while checking today, I see my oil level dropped 1 "tick" from max. If oil consumption remains constant, it will have used 1 quart in about 10K miles (I think 1 tick is 1/4 quart), which seems low and/or normal. I've seen more threads about 550i oil consumption. Has anyone else with a 535i noticed this slight drop at the 2500-2600 mile range? BTW, I drive a mix of heavy traffic and highway.
My 2008 535i had used a quart at about 6,000 miles which surprised me because I was on a trip to South Florida when I got the warning light and had to pull into a C -Store to find a quart of synthetic.

After that there was no usage between scheduled changes.

Did a 1200 mile oil change on the new F10 so haven't seen anything to report yet.

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