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Originally Posted by TheGermanGuy View Post
Hey your solutions look pretty awesome. I have got questions.

Is there a chance to wire it for a 2004 bmw 1 series with the advanced sound system. I've got 2 subs under the front seat and I think an amp in the trunk (Somewhere .

And is it possible for you to ship to germany? That would mean you expand internationally .

Please let me know!

The German Guy
I can ship to Germany at an extra cost, sure.

If your system is Logic7/Top HiFi then the OEM amp is behind the left side panel in the rear seat; if your system is HiFi then this particular harness will not work and the OEM amp is located in the left side of the trunk.

I have another harness for the HiFi system, but that is to completely replace the OEM amp with aftermarket, not to add an amplifier just to the woofers.
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