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Originally Posted by Drag'nGT
If I don't have an orbital buffer. How would I be able to get that 'brand new' no swirls look? Just wax it after I clay it? Or do you guys suggest that new color coded wax to hide the little lines?
Veeeeeeerrrrrrry difficult without a buffer. Especially if the swirls are in the clearcoat, and not just in the wax. If the former, you really need to polish them out, and while this can be done by hand, again doing it and not leaving behind other swirls is a monumental task without a buffer.

That said, start by stripping the wax completely off (a good washing with detergent, like Dawn, would do it). Then clay the entire surface of the car to get the paint super clean.

Next, using a very mild hand polish, polish the worst 2 sq ft (1.4' x 1.4') area first according to the instructions for the polish, clean it off, and inspect. If you technique is leaving swirls, polish again and try to modify your technique to eliminate the swirls you are adding.

You won't be able to get it perfect. Get it as good as you can, then use a filler, like a glaze, to cover up the minor swirling that may still be there. Then wax.

This is where you'll get swirls again, but this time in the wax!! So once again, technique is critical.

A random orbita buffer makes all this childsplay, so I personally wouldn't even bother to try by hand. The PCRO is pretty inexpensive, especially in light of what you paid for the car, mousenuts.

The cost of one detailing will pay for the PCRO, some pads, and necessary car care products.
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