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Originally Posted by XXX555 View Post
I checked up to 200kmh times from a mag comparison test (13.9 sec v. 14.2 sec) before I posted. Not many Nurburgring's in my neck of the woods and since the Panamera Turbo is a mere 3 seconds faster around the ring than the Caddy CTS-V only futhers my point.
I'm not that close to the Nurburgring either, but you and I both know that it is the course that most manufacturers with sporting pretensions - including, of course, BMW and Porsche - have chosen to use as their proving ground and it remains the industry benchmark for determing performance. Look at Nissan's attempts to show that the GT-R could lap faster than a 997.1 Turbo. It's a generally accepted truism that a fast Nurburgring time is a probable indicator of a fast car - and most manufacturers seem to agree. Either way, until the Panamera, the CTS-V (itself a fine car) was the record holder for a production sedan so it is no mean feat for the Panamera to have beaten the CTS-V. At this level, performance improvements soemtimes need to measured in 10ths of a second. Drinking from the top shelf isn't cheap - whether you feel the cost of achieving the better performance is worth it is something only you can decide. As an aside, the obvious related question that you appear to be choosing to overlook is how Cadillac can build a 60K car that is faster, by 14 seconds, than the 90K E60 M5?

Originally Posted by 0428 View Post
Pana 140k
M5 90k

add about 20k in mods for a total of 110k, the M5 will squash the pana eyes closed. ///M

but somehow I do prefer the pana's "distinctive" look.
You can only reasonably compare stock vs stock. The Panamera wins. Any car can be modified, the real question is the extent of your willingness to pony up the price of entry. Simply put, the only real limitation on what can be achieved on any car is the propensity of the owner to make the necessary investment. Either way, as a twin turbo with an already excellent suspension it's relatively easy and relatively inexpensive to add significant HP and torque to the Panamera should you so desire. That's much harder to accomplish with with the already stressed S85 in the M5.
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