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Mein Auto: 1957 BMW Isetta - 300

Thanks for the info. Microcar owners and collectors such as myself are always interested in news such as these.

I had seen those renderings quite some time ago. It was then said that the new design would be ready for sale by 2010, but nothing happened.

This new version is not planned to be as small as the original Isetta, the capitalization of the name has been changed from Isetta to iSetta and the main characteristic these lovely microcars cars are famous for is not there, which is the refrigerator-style door at the front and the inclining steering column.

Obviously, safety and other important issues have been taking into consideration for the new design, versus what were the European and export consumer's needs after the Second World War: high cost and no abundant gasoline, public transportation or affordable new cars, especally for young, starting families.

Even today, I rather keep my lovely old BMW Isetta a million times...which I use locally almost as a daily drive.
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