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Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
Hi John,

Yes, a lot of people use the BFH method; like this!
Others, resort to Atlas-like leverage; like this.

Me? I prefer the more subtle approach; like this.
HAHA! No BFH here, just a 14oz ball peen works for me. And WHAT is all that leverage needed for? I have never come across a fan clutch that couldn't be removed with the wrench and occasional screwdriver wedged on the pulley bolts as you showed.

Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
BTW, I don't know WHICH of these tools are needed for your TIMING problem here, but, this home-made tool DIY compendium may help you.

- How to make your own BMW upper timing chain locking tool (1)
I needed the fitting for compressed air and the cam locks for the most part, the others came in the kit. I didn't get all the tools in the pic someone posted, just the 5 tool kit.

Trust me, no stranger to fabrication here as that's what I do primarily at my shop. I program CNC machines for a friend and he allows me to use it.

Here's a crank holder I made for removing BMW crank bolts using a drill press and the band saw with about 20 mins of time...

Here's the true merge collectors I made so far for the custom 6-3-1 headers I am making for my m20...

and a few other random tidbits (some you can see on my site http//

My home made flowbench being calibrated

custom alternator bracket


Wet flow adapters for my friend's flow bench

and another one

and a customer's car at my shop that is being rebuilt from ground up...

It's not that the tool couldn't be made, but for $165 shipped, I couldn't resist. I have 6 cars at the shop now, in the process of making 8 sets of headers, just finished another batch of big brake adapters for Fiero's, have a stack of heads to port, parts to powdercoat etc etc etc. For me to take the time to make the proper tools, I could have already had several other things done - have to pick and choose your battles sometimes. Perhaps if I had the mill machine in house, I would make them. The machines are in another city that I program and they haven't needed any new programs written lately.

Thanks for all the info so far, just wanted to post pics like everyone else is lol. The owner just called me and was going to have me put the car back together and get rid of it, but I'm glad I was able to build his confidence that it can be repaired. He has heard horror stories about the all aluminum engine.

I don't do repairs on a normal basis, this is a friend who I am helping out and gave him a huge discount on shop labor - just like the Merc that I finished last night. Fabrication, welding, tuning etc is what I enjoy, but repair jobs trickle in (specially the more complicated ones) and the local BMW crowd have seen the work at the shop.

It's a part-time thing as I have a construction company as well, have to do something to support the 4 kids, wife and cancerous mother in law all living under the roof.

Anyways enough of the long wind, heading to the shop now to put the e39 in and pull the cylinder head to see what's what.

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