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I just hooked onto this forum trying to see if there where any others out there with X3 transfer cases that took a puke. I have to admit until now no big issues except for eating through tires. I do have almost 118,000 miles on this vehicle so I am not crying too much. The recent news about the transfer case is a little disturbing though. I heard some whining out of it some time ago but now it's shot. Dealer wants "$4400.00 to replace it, luckily I hunted one down for about $800.00. Still, never expected this assembly to go. I already had been looking into the new 2011 X3, even went to look at a prototype, but may take a step back now.

P.S. The whining (gear noise) is now a heavy clunk, similar to the sounds of the driveshaft smacking the fllor boards. It was a minor noise when it begins under acceleration. Now it has to be babied through fisrt and second gear.
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