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I had a car come by (E92 BMW 3 series coupe), to have me vinyl wrap his window trim with black vinyl to cover the chrome/aluminum finish. He had done one side, but decided that he wanted me to finish/wrap his other side. He had originally purchased some "matte black" vinyl from another competing vendor.

Note the differences in the finish between my vinyl and my competitors vinyl, and how my material actually has a black sheen/finish to it compared to theirs, which is almost a faded black or greyish color (this was brand new material, that the owner had just purchased/put on a week before). Also note, I did not do the install on this side of the window trim, as I do all of my window trim installs in a single continuous piece, without any seams.

Luckily for the owner of this car, I have several shades of black that I keep on hand, and was able to match the material he had already used. This saved him from having two different shades on either side of the car, or having to completely redo the window trim that was already done.

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