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Originally Posted by mquetel
What are your motivations for changing out the OEM headunit? The only one I saw in your post was MP3. If that is the case, you have a couple of options regardless of if you go NAV or not that let you keep the OEM unit:

- Get the AUX-IN adapter for the head-unit. This essentially provides a line in to your stereo for any device such as iPod or XM radio etc.

- Add an Alpine MP3 CD changer to your car.

Search on this forum for the appropriate keywords, you will find tons of info. BTW: I've never seen a modern BMW with an aftermarket headunit that did not look like ass... keep the OEM headunit and if you want the NAV, get it... it is very cool.
Yeah, it'd be to get the MP3 functionality. Well, that and because an Alpine headunit would provide more power to the speakers, I'd think. Do you know the specs of the HK stereo provided with the ZHP?

I don't think an iPod would work for me. It'd be a pain to connect and disconnect it every time I drove. An MP3 changer or replacing the receiver I think is my best bet. I guess I'll call a BMW service center and ask about switching out the head unit, but do you know how a changer would work? Can you get that in-dash, or is the Alpine unit glovebox or trunk? Does it function well with the factory stereo controls, i.e. will the CD-text info scroll across the screen?