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air bag light reset - was drivers belt buckle

Here's what I found, may help others.

>Bag light came on (actually on car start goes on as usual, but blinks off then stays on in this case)
>Bought a Peake R5/srs code reader, very easy to use
>Code was drivers belt buckle. Read on other posts this is a common fault. (The other common fault apparently is the passenger side mat in the seat that detects a person
>Of course want to not have an issue but fyi read that when there is a SRS fault the system will tend to favor keeping the system active.
>Read that in an accident the buckle will drop down to take up slack. Read on auto parts site (Pelican?) that this assembly has compressed nitrogen. I guess that when released (maybe by a pyro charge?) it pulls the buckle down. I think the issue is the buckle has a switch that senses when the buckles in and over time the switch gets faulty?

>I cleaned the buckle with a spray can of contact cleaner and small tube. Also bent the buckle over and tapped it to try to shake out any dust/sand/lint.
>Reset the SRS and the fault has not come back (yet?). Next time I have time I'll replace it. Heard it is an easy job.
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