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Previous owner installed thrust arm bushings incorrectly

While finishing the cooling system overhaul, I've decided to look at my thrust arms bushings, upon closer inspection i noticed the the bushes on both sides were installed incorrectly !!!

It looks like the PO had them installed at INDY, and the grease monkey went as far as marking the raised notch on the thrust arm, but failed miserably in aligning the arrow on the bushing with the notch on the arm, and i bet that he tightened the bushing bolt with the car on the lift I have been driving like that for a year now.

I immediately decided the pull the bushings out and replace them with new ones i already had purchased earlier. Pulling the bushings out isn't too bad, but having to maneuver the puller and constantly making adjustments while under the car wears you out.

Tomorrow morning i need to run to Sears to purchase larger puller, as the one in the picture is too small to press the new bushing in.

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