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Originally Posted by BMC530i View Post
Hopefully the larger 6" Sears 3 jaw gear puller will make the installation of new bushing straightforward.
I can't help you as I've never done this job but I am very interested in compiling the tools needed to perform the DIY on the vehicle.

To that end, I've put the following link in the bestlinks thread:
- How to make your own BMW thrust bushing (or thrust bearing) tool (1)

And, these links for the DIY:
- THRUST-ARM BUSHINGS TEAR: fluid-filled thrust arm bushings that crack and tear causing vibrations at speed (1) (2) (3) (4)

When you're done with the job, would you kindly help us update which links are best to list the required tools, and the requisite steps?

That way, the next person doesn't have to go through what you're going through.


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