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I6 Thrust arms bushings made easy

Today I've picked up 2 arm gear puller from Sears ( $41. 99) Part # 46903 and the tool made this job a breeze. The 2 arm puller is lot easier to use than the 3 arm puller which requires lots of adjusting and finessing to make it sit right and work.

I've used 6" C-clamp to hold the thrust arm in place while pressing out the old bushing and pressing in the new one. C-clamp works great in holding the arm stationary, and its really quick to put on and remove.

I did not remove any plastic splash guards or brake air ducts, i simply pushed them aside with some considerable amount of force, and was able to remove and install the thrust arm bushing bolt. This saved me considerable amount of time.

The BMW press sleeve is a absolute must for this job and it can be purchased from

Part # 83300491942 $31.54

The 1 1/2 pipe cap can be purchased from Home Depot plumbing section

Once everything was installed, I've lowered the car and weighted the driver seat. I was able the slide under the front bumper and tighten the thrust arm bushing bolt to approximately 81 Ft lbs, i did not use torque wrench due to limited space.

The car drives great and its good to know that my thrust arm bushings are installed correctly and torqued down while preloaded.

The previous must have replaced the bushings right before i bought the car ( purchased Dec 09 with 68). Hoverer, they were installed incorrectly, but they did last over a year
without signs of tearing or leaking fluid.


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