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Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
Not true -- whether or NOT the car is locked, pressing the UNLOCK button on the key uses the settings last saved for that key. If you use the UNLOCK button, any changes you then make thereafter are associated with that key.

So even if the car is unlocked in your garage, use the UNLOCK button. In other words, if you share a car with someone, and don't know who used it last, unlocked it last, etc. -- always use the "unlock" button on your remote key before getting in.

You do NOT need to lock to complete a cycle. Locking is irrelevant.

IN other words, you get in (after pressing unlock button on key) -- you then change mirrors and seat position (your settings are now associated with your key). You get out -- whether or NOT you lock the car, your husband should use the unlock button before getting in. Otherwise, if he just gets in, any changes he makes will then be on your key still. By locking the car, you just forced your husband to follow this procedure -- but the locking is actually not relevant. It is all in the unlocking (even if the car itself is unlocked).

Think of the unlock button on the key as a "your settings" button. So always use the "your settings" button before getting in. That's all.

I tested this extensively using both keys (my key in my left hand, my wife's key in my right hand). Believe me, that is how it is supposed to work. Test it yourself. The unlock button will change settings back and forth, regardless of whether the car is actually locked. So you don't have to lock the car (for instance in your own garage -- if you don't want to).

Note also, that once you are happy with your seat and mirror settings, you can then save them (as a backup) using the memory buttons on the seat. That way, if you or your husband mess up your settings on your key, you still have them saved on the memory button. So then go back to your saved settings with the memory button AFTER you used the unlock button on your key. Those settings will now be associated with your key again.
I am going to try this method ... to see if it works without locking the car. thx for the tip
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