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Originally Posted by drbergin View Post
No you don't need new bulbs. These guys have no idea what they're talking about. The purple color means that your HIDs are a certain K. 6000K tends to be a pure white, and as you increase it goes blue and purple. 8000K would be blue and so would 10000K. When you go higher than this you get into purple and you also get into lights that are so bright they are illegal in some states. Be careful what you buy. I prefer 8000K.
Ummm, how do you figure he DOESN'T need new bulbs if he wants to change the color?

FYI OP, most on here seem to prefer OEM White which is typically 5000k*. I have my DS2 lights (HID Fogs included) 6000k and I think they all look great. Very bright white with a subtle hint of blue. Good luck.

*Corrected to Jason's post below. 4300k stock/OEM.

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