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I have a 2000 528i with a M52 TU engine. I was hearing what sounds like belt noise while inspecting the belts I found one idler pulley was dry so I replaced all three of them. I still had the noise so I took the belts off and ran the engine still hearing the noise.
What is on or in the engine that could make a noise which sounds like a dried out idler? Seems to be more pronounced when I put the car in gear. (Automatic)

Oh BTY BMW dosen't sell the pulley wheels for the spring loaded tensioners but they will gladly sell you an upgrade for hydralic tensioners at four times the price of a replacement wheel fro the spring type, oh and the special wheel for the hydralic type is extra also.

Hot off the press not the belts or tensioner pulley's everything replaced, now sounds more like a rattling noise. Coudl the Vanos be making the noise? doesn't sound like it is coming from the front of the engine sound seems to be more pronounced over the intake area.


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