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Replaced my Valeo Voltage Regulator

Wanted to share my experience since I couldn't find a DIY. My lights were flickering and I lost power a few times on the highway (with all my cluster warning lights lit light a x-mas tree). Alternator voltage tested low (12v). Unfortunately, my alternator is a Valeo and the voltage regulator is semi-internal (part #10 in the diagram below) which is harder to replace than the Bosch voltage regulator. Having said that, the VR can be replaced in 30 minutes without removing the alternator.

Here are the steps I followed:

1) Disconnect battery
2) Remove airbox and AFM in one piece (2 nuts)
3) Disconnect two wires on back of alternator (2 nuts)
4) Remove plastic wire housing on back of alternator (2 more nuts)
5) Remove noise filter on the back cover of the alternator (1 nut)
6) Remove alternator back cover (4 bolts). This is tricky but can be done in place. You may need to unplug the harness that sits next to the alternator. Pivot the cover to get it past the tight area between the alternator and the engine.
7) Unbolt the old voltage regulator (2 bolts) and pull straight out.
8) Assembly is pretty much the reverse.
9) Reconnect battery, reset clock, enter radio code :alright

BTW, this is the VR I replaced. Pelican had it for $44.25, about the same as a Bosch replacement. As far as I can tell, the alternator and VR were original (165k miles). Not bad, so I just went for the OEM replacement.

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