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Originally Posted by Fast Bob View Post
Along with the spelling variation, the pronunciation seems to be subject to interpretation, as well
Subject to interpretation? Since when?

< rant >

A lot of people can't properly pronounce "horror" or "mischievous" or "petit-bourgeoisie" correctly ... or more to the point, "Nike" or "Porsche" or "Bayer" or even "Goethe" for that matter; but that doesn't make their personal ignorance equate to "subject to interpretation" (in the short term) over the correct pronunciation.

You don't pronounce "Chevrolet" as "shev-row-let", do you?

Just like the proper nouns above, the spelling and pronunciation of the shortened form of "giunti Boschi" is not really "subject to personal interpretation", especially for so-called enthusiasts, unless everyone is ignorant for a very long period of time. The fact that giubo is commonly misspelled and mispronounced doesn't make those misspellings or mispronunciations correct: Anyone who pronounces or spells "anyway" as "anyways" is an idiot, unless everyone does so for a protracted period of time, in which case, we're all doomed to sound like Neanderthals in our daily spoken word.

Maybe we are.

I do wholly agree that combined ignorance, tribally, over time, does "officially" change the commonly accepted spelling and pronunciation of English words, but Giubo has only been in use since the turn of the 20th century and it has a very clear spelling and trademark and pronunciation etymology (e.g., GIUBO SpA).

BTW, the details are already here, in the first link of this forum:
- "BMW-specific E39 acronyms (list and definition).

And, for those who "could care less" (sic) how one spells and pronounces these "English" words ... please realize that spelling and pronunciation can instantly reveal several things about the speaker, including their level of education and their attention to detail.

You'd instantly know something about a BMW owner who says something like:
- "I'll drive the four of you in his beemer."
- "I'll ride with him on his beemer; you can drive the rest in my bimmer."

Subtleties matter.

Personally, I cringe every time I hear the 60's recording of "Ish bin ein Berliner" (sic) spoken by a tall, handsome, clean-cut powerful man with a horrid Boston accent and ignorance of the Germanic spoken word - wondering what the Germans must think of the level of effort our Harvard-educated elite spent in learning how to pronounce the simple word "I".

Then again, we'll leave the pronunciation of "nucular" (sic) for another Harvard-educated president to show that even an Ivy-league leopard is incapable of changing his stripes (sic) by dint of mere education alone.

< / rant>

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