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Originally Posted by cn90 View Post
On the topic of Guibo vs Giubo
The inventor and company name were exactly what I was referring to, although the references I quoted were different ... namely post #11 over here which I reproduce below for edification purposes.

The spelling matters greatly to me, since I'm trying to maintain the E39 glossary.
Note: I generally add a term every couple of days and I do believe this is the most comprehensive BMW glossary on the Internet.

A dispassionate glossary wouldn't be all that useful if every term were misspelled or subject to the whims of my personal interpretation ...

Below I reproduce an excerpt of what I wrote in that August post #11 when I first learned that guibo (sic) wasn't in the E39 glossary.

PS: Notice I use the word "hopefully" correctly below ... many people don't realize "hopefully" does not mean "I hope"; it means "in a hopeful manner". BTW, I do take liberties with my adverbs (since most people don't seem to notice); so apparently adverbs ARE subject to interpretation!
Searching s'more, I find guibo actually is giubo misspelled, so I hopefully return to the BMW glossary (which I unofficially am trying to accurately maintain) only to find, much to my chagrin, neither term described.

Here's the definition in Wikipedia:
A giubo (pronounced JEW-boh), also known as a flex disc,[1] and commonly misspelled as guibo, is a connection found between the drive shaft and the companion flange on most mechanical devices utilizing a drive shaft in mechanical operation. The giubo itself is a flexible rubberized, or other non conductive vibration damping material, disc coupling used to reduce driveline vibration and keep electrical currents from flowing between the engine and the shaft.

Giubo is a contraction of the Italian word giunto ('joint') and Boschi-the surname of the engineer who first designed the first flex disc around the turn of the 20th Century, who eventually founded GIUBO SpA, a company solely dedicated to manufacturing flex discs.[2]
See also


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