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My check list for when I store my track bike for the winter.

change the oil

Add sea foam fuel stabaliser

Let run for a couple minutes.

A good thorough wash and wax

Then I put her on stands and pull the wheel, and put wheels on rack (with steel rod going through where the axel goes.)

Cover with either soft sheet or an actual car/bike cover.

The reason for changing oil is so no moisture is in the motor. The fuel stabilize is a must for cold climates, not sure about warmer climates as I've only lived in Wisconsin but it will keep moisture out, some one from a warmer climate can tell you if this is nesessacry. Run the bike/vehicle to cycle new oil and fuel stabilize through the system. The wash down is a must wax optional.
I believe putting vehicles up on jacks for storage is a must to prevent them becoming square. However if you don't have enough stands laying around its up to you, I store my wheels and tires inside because of the cold climate. So if you have 4 stands jack her up and stack the wheels. I always cover the bike I really would with your car as even little bugs waists can eat away at paint.

Don't forget to remember where the keys are!!!!

Ps. If you do decide on. Fuel stabaliser I recommend seafoam over stabil any day.

Thank you for what you do, and stay safe over there.

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