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Originally Posted by cn90 View Post
thank you bluebee for bringing this up
Hi Cam,
I'm not actually sure if you're serious or sarcastic ... but I really didn't 'bring it up' except to post an existing link ... which then elicited the response that the name 'was subject to interpretation'.

It was that response that I was reacting to ... not anyone's particular misuse of the word. I had to correct the wholly incorrect assumption that the noun was subject to personal interpretation. Anyone can say what they like ... but they then run the risk of sounding like just what they are. That was my point (with the presidential examples).

We can drive a fancy leased BMW; but we can't hide from our own written and spoken word!

That's what I reacted to. The same reaction holds on the incorrect assumption that you can pronounce the word anyway you like (hence the examples provided of Porsche and Chevrolet and Bayer and Goethe); as before, our pronunciation efforts say a lot about our education and attitude - whether we like that or not.

Italian, like German, has its own pronunciation rules which may be hard for us to follow ... but the Italians basically pronounce every vowel ... so Giubo is really easy to pronounce if you remember that every vowel counts. A close approximation is "jew bo" (with a long o) ... but it's more like "gee you bo" where the "gee" part is said faster than the "you" and "bo" (again, long o).

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the DIY in case my "thing" breaks in the future!
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