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Originally Posted by cn90 View Post
Always learning though.
Me too. We have to look at ourselves constantly - to strive to improve and add value where warranted.

For example, after my post #6 diatribe on "anyways", look how I later wrote "anyway" in post #16:
"... you can pronounce the word anyway you like ..."

I was wrong. It should have been "any way"
References: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
  • any way = a paired adjective & a noun ... meaning "by any means"
  • anyway = an adverb ... meaning "in any case"
  • anyways = a plural adverb ... adverbs can never be plural ... meaning "illiterate"
Note: Don't get me started on "backwards", "forwards", etc.

Point is, we all fall for commonly-made mistakes, especially when hastily writing colloquially; but we should strive to at least know what the right way is. Ignorance can be cured; stupidity cannot. It's all in the attitude. In this case, we discussed the proper spelling and pronunciation of the "giunti Boschi" because someone noted it was "subject to interpretation". It is not.

But, let's no longer hijack this thread ... I think the point has been well made ... and the enthusiasts amongst this crowd will duly note how to properly spell and pronounce giubo ... or not. It's up to them now that they've been informed.

To continue to increase value, I added this thread to the bestlinks references:
- Worn drive shaft or center bearing or guibo, aka "giunti Boschi" (1) (2) (3)
(As always, if you know of better threads, please add them.)

Now back to our DIY ...

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