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Originally Posted by Cruzer View Post
Reman'd alternator is a minimum of $90 where I am and you hear horror stories about unreliable reman units. The remanufacturers use no-name chinese parts. I would rather go to a reputable shop down the road and have them remanufacture my own unit with brand name parts $100-150. Instead I installed a $44 OEM part and I'm back in business. But if you can show me where I can get a reman alternator fixed with brand name parts for $70, I'm in. YMMV.

Repaired Valeo/Bosch >> cheap reman alternator with questionable reliability
We have a place here called Electrical Motor Systems that sells reman alternators or new alternators and back both their products with a 3 year warranty, so hey, whats to lose? If anyone else had a store like that around their town/city, they should probably check that out.
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