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Originaly when I bought the car I was given one key. It was one of the keys with the built in buttons, door locks and truck access. There were no problems. Almost three weeks later a package came in the mail with the other three keys. 1 button key, 1 valet key and 1 plastic emergency key. the only thing that was wrong with those keys is the battery was dead on the button key. So, I read up on the keys in the owners manual and learned that if a key is dead it can be recharged by constant use. I gave my original key to my wife and started using the dead one. After 2 weeks of every day use, I discovered that it was working because I accedentally pressed one of the buttons and it worked. I dont know if this could be a cause of the problems that Im having because it has happened using my wifes key but it would make sense that something may be different since I started using the second key... Ill look into it and post something back as soon as I learn something. Thank you for giving me something to consider. I am secretly becoming afraid that there is something very expensive lurking in the distand future and I dont like it at all...

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