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Originally Posted by 766jack View Post there a way to make the 2nd key just my remote? Even though my 1st key doesn't work as a remote?
You can make any BMW key of the same vintage work as a "remote" key (lock/unlock & arm/disarm).

But your issue will be that you'll probably want your 2nd key to be like your orig (diamond shaped) key...which present multiple problems:
  1. keyless entry & arming requires that the key's battery be fully charged
  2. the new style keys have a rechargeable battery that get's recharged when it is in the ignition
  3. you can't just stick ANY key into your ignition...the keyblade must be cut to fit your ignition cylinder...if the new style key won't you have a way to keep it in a charged state

I could go on with more reasons in the list above...but hopefully you get the gist of where it was leading IF you were to buy or use another diamond shaped key for it's "remote" feature.

Now...if you were to use the OLD style rubber head key (which has a REPLACEABLE 2016 battery) could program this key to your car and never worry about how to keep the key charged up. (another WIN for the old style rubber head key)

I don't recall reading anywhere in this thread where you tried to reinitialize your existing I correct in this assumption? See the instructions below (which are also in multiple threads in this forum as well as in the FAQ parked threads). You MUST follow every instruction to the "T" NOT try to skip, fudge, or combine steps...follow each step as outlined in the instructions. And when you get to the end of programming the first'll see the instructions for programming any additional keys (you have up to 30 seconds to start programming additional keys). This is how you can program ANY BMW key (old style/new style key) that uses the same RF signal (315 MHz in North America) to lock/unlock & arm/disarm your car. Again, unless a key has the EWS transponder chip with your car's ISN (individual serial number) WON'T start your car...but it can lock/unlock etc.

INSTRUCTIONS for programming the new style key...start additional keys on STEP 4...and ALL keys must be programmed in the same "session"...if not, the ones not present will no longer lock/unlock & arm/disarm the car:
  1. remember to initiate the central locking system (step 1) by manually locking/unlocking the door with the key
  2. get in and close all doors
  3. insert key and turn ignition to POSITION 1 (not position 2 or 3)
  4. REMOVE key from ignition and proceed with pressing the buttons as outlined in the instructions below
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