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Originally Posted by SJBimmer View Post
The short answer is yes, Teflon covered wire will offer better heat resistance, and enhanced slippage between wires to extend wear resistance. The key though is the amount of strands in the wire. The more wires, the higher the tolerable bend radius, and the wires will last much longer. Teflon will also tolerate much colder temps than PVC and thus resist insulation cracking much better. Once the insulation, which supports the wire, cracks, the conductor is not long for this world.
Thanks for the reply. The PTFE insulation also appears to be thinner, which allows me to approximate the diameter of the existing wire bundle.

Will adhesive-lined heat shrink bond to the slick surface of PTFE insulation?

Originally Posted by dalekressin View Post
In E39, Bluebee has a great write up for trunk wire look.
I found the thread; it's interesting. With the help of the wiring diagrams in my trusty Bentley manual, I've identified the wires in the harness. The splices I make will be inside the trunk lid and inside the trunk; there will be no splices in the bundle that passes from the body to the trunk lid. Splices in the bundle are likely to fail again or chafe the other wires in the bundle.

I'm contemplating ways to make it easier to inspect the wires in the future. I'll probably add a few extra inches of wire so that it will be easier to slide the rubber covering away from the portion of the bundle that bends every time I open and close the trunk. Maybe I'll put an inline connector inside the trunk so that I can disconnect the harness and pull the slack up and out of the body for inspection.
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