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Originally Posted by G. P. Burdell View Post
Thanks for the reply. The PTFE insulation also appears to be thinner, which allows me to approximate the diameter of the existing wire bundle.

Will adhesive-lined heat shrink bond to the slick surface of PTFE insulation?
I was gonna suggest using test lead cable, the kind we use in voltmeters and such. It is, indeed, Teflon insulated and is comprised of lots and lots of very thin and flexible wires, which is why test leads last a long time. Only trouble may be getting a variety of colors.

Nope, adhesive heat shrink will NOT stick to Teflon. So, you cut your heat shrink an inch longer or more so it stays in place mechanically and not adhesively. Plus, the longer overlap will make it harder for the moisture to seep in. I take it you will be soldering the new wires in, right? Be sure to use rosin core solder to avoid future corrosion.

You may also want to investigate using TapeUp! "rubber amalgamating tape" by Motormite. Made in England, I get it at AutoZone. You cut a piece a bit shorter than you need. Then peel off the vinyl protective backing and stretch the rubber tape 50% or more to activate and wind around whatever you want to protect with a 50% overlap. It will only stick to itself but will amalgamate (fuse) into a solid rubber cover in a day or two. Is incredibly flexible and longlasting.

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