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Originally Posted by sergiok
BTW, that clip in the OT forum doesn't show enough of the previous turns.

Shifting at the apex?!?!? Crazy IMO.

I only see one hand on the steering wheel, bad hand positioning.

I went ahead and downloaded both the 28mb and the 49mb vid clip of him going around the track. The 28mb has the crash on it.

Anyway, you can easily tell from the larger vid clip that the conditions are wet. He was breaking the rear end loose quite a bit.
I think the real problem with this guy is one I spotted at the onset of the video. I immediately thought that when I get to the crash, it's going to be at the exit of a corner.


Because he's putting TONS of steering input in at the entrance of the corner. He's clearly trusting the back end of the car too much.

By throwing that much lock on in the corners, he was just asking for exit oversteer... the Nascar boys call it "pushy loose." What it means is that the front understeers a bit then bites right at the exit, causing oversteer.

To those who haven't experienced it before, or had it pointed out to them, it seems like the car is loose on exit, when the real problem is that the driver is inducing (or at least not recognizing) understeer which is *causing* the oversteer at exit.

Well, the main thing is that the folks in the car are ok.

It's easy to judge in hindsight, but the abundance of steering lock with no respect for the rear end is what struck me about that crash video.
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